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entrance Future Tests
  • Mensa Chennai conducts Mensa Entrance tests periodically based on the demand from applicants.

  • The test will be held at a venue in the city chosen by Mensa India, preferably but not necessarily on a holiday. It is usually on Sundays at 12 Noon.

  • Please note that Mensa India is different from various not-for-profit societies that may exist in India. Currently, the focus is on testing at the town or city level rather than at the school, college or institute level. We do not have chapters at the school, college or institute level.

    If you wish to appear for future tests to be conducted in Chennai, you can subscribe to the Mensa Chennai Tests Google Group by clicking here.

    Those who subscribed to the Google Group will be intimated on the date and venue of future tests.

entranceFAQ's about the Test
  • Click here to find you answers to all the questions about the test.