Frequently Asked Questions

Q1 How long is the test?

The test consists of two or more tests chosen from a larger series. Usually the combined testing time including instructions and breaks takes about one hour.

Q2 Is the test subjective or objective?

The test will be of a chose the correct answer type. You are not expected to show your workings or method.

Q3 Will I be tested on Quantitative and Verbal skills?

Mensa India administers ‘culture fair’ test and has many members who are tribals and have no formal education. Intelligence as measured by IQ is independent of formal education and quantitative and verbal skills are only two aspect of IQ.

Q4 How do I prepare for the test?

It is believed that one cannot improve one's IQ by test preparation. Mensa India tests do not require any preparation, and as such we recommend that the test be taken with a fresh mind and clear head.

Q5 Does the 2 percentile cut-off mean that only 2% of the people taking the test along with me will be qualified?

Absolutely not! On evaluating the answer script ,your raw IQ score will be computed and this will be mapped on to the bell curve. If you are above 98 percentile you qualify. The IQ score of an average individual is 100. One has to have a score of approximately 133+ to qualify for Mensa. Thus your qualification is not dependent on others performance but only on yours.

Q6Can I take the test multiple times?

We believe that one cannot improve ones score significantly by taking the test multiple times except for slight learning curve effects. Thus we strongly discourage taking the test multiple times. We do recognize that the performance on a test on any given day is dependent on many other factors also. For that reason, if one receives a score that is sufficiently high, we specifically intimate those persons that they may reappear for the test after a year, if they so choose.

Q7 Do I need to take further tests?

Not required. If you qualify once, you are a member for life.

Q8 What do I need to carry on the day of the test?

Your valid government issued Photo ID card, pen, pencil and eraser.

Q9 What is the age limit for appearing for the Mensa Test?

In Mensa Chennai, we currently test only adults Fourteen (14) Years and six (6) Months (14.5 Years) or older. We do test children Ten (10) - 14.4 Years by special request. There is no outer age limit for writing the test. In Chennai we do not have the means to test children below the age of 10. For testing children below 10 and for nurturing gifted children please visit

Q10 Do you accept the results of other standardized IQ test as qualification for Mensa India?

The qualification for joining Mensa is basically scoring 98 percentile or above on standardized IQ test. However Mensa India only accepts new members who have qualified in tests conducted by it’s proctors. There are many national chapters in the world that accept the results of recognized IQ tests as well as standardized college admission test such as SAT, GRE, GMAT etc. as qualification to Mensa. Fully dues paid members of any recognized national chapter in the world can transfer to Mensa India by contacting their respective chapter heads.

Q11If I am a member of an International Chapter, how do I transfer to Mensa India?

Simply send us a mail with your membership details. We will check with your chapter if you are a dues paid member and if so instantly transfer your membership to us. You would have to pay the annual dues of Mensa India.

Q12if I am a member of Mensa India , can I transfer my membership to an International chapter?

As a member of Mensa India , you are eligible to attend most any of the functions and gatherings of international chapters, with permission, as a vesting Mensan. You can also transfer your membership by contacting the chapter you want to transfer to and providing them the details of your Mensa India membership. On verifying from us that you are a dues paid member of Mensa India, they will offer you membership to their chapter.